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7 Reasons We’re STILL Watching Entourage

Reaching out ‘? ‘.for $

Vince was like ‘? ‘ heeeey fellow addicts, I know everyone ‘??s struggling with overcoming their demons or whatever, but if anyone has any money to invest in my made for TV movie that ‘??d be greaaaat. How ‘??s my hair. ‘

Death By Soul Patch

I meaaaan if a soul patch isn ‘??t the loudest cry for help then this isn ‘??t Entourage the Final Season. The sound of that gunshot will forever remain in my memory ‘? ‘as the only time anything substantial happened on this precious show.

Meowlon Brandon

I was going to dedicate at least 3 reasons to Arnold ‘??s stellar couch lounging performance- but then Andrew Dice Clay ‘??s cat meowed out of fucking nowhere and it was like seeing Brando act for the first time. Only one ep in and she already nailed a speaking role? Step it up Arnold. ‘

A Lone Turtle

Okay so Alex broke up with him via her dad but he ‘??s going to be up to his neck in clam once he gets that new restaurant opened. ‘

All Pink Everything

Ari ‘??s like god damnit; really wish I was wearing my lavender blouse right now. Would ‘??ve been quite the palette. ‘


That was actually an episode of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment in which Jamie Kennedy was tricked into impersonating Andrew Dice Clay alone in a room for hours. No one was in the joke. ‘

Grand Wizard Billy Walsh

While Drama was busy fighting for more money, Billy was busy joining the Klan? ‘

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