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“BUY YOUNG” // Dolla Bill ft. X & Cinco

True thugs Buy Young and in doing so, support young entrepreneurs ‘ and you should too. Go to for more information! Like us on Facebook! – Download this mp3 for free here! - Original song and video from Lanman Media ( )

Song Credits:
Written and Performed by Max Lanman
Produced by and Featuring James Lanman
Video Credits:
Directed, Co-Produced, and Edited by Max Lanman
Cinematography, Co-Produced, and Color by Christopher Ripley
Starring Max Lanman as “Dolla Bill ‘, Quincy O'Neal as “Cinco ‘, and Jordan Burt as “X ‘
Featuring Alex Klein, Nick Dirks, Kat Garner, Parker Robbins, and Avery Lanman
Special Thanks to Madi Streeter, Aunt Gina, Uncle Todd, and James Lanman

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