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Take Back The Perv with La La Anthony

Join the movement for women's equality in creepiness. Women can be perverts too!!

Starring: La La Anthony
Also starring: Greg Tuculescu, Lauren Flans, Kristina Sexton, Nick Corirossi
Written / Directed by: Alex Fernie
Produced by: Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
Edited by: Peter Lazarus
Art Dept: Ellie del Campo
Hair/ MU: Eric Scott Ferrell and Crystal Oliver
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer and Bradley Bowns
Sound: BoTown Sound
Camera Operator / DIT: Ray Lee
G&E: David Cronin and Jordan Downey
Production Coordinator: Max Elfeldt
PA ‘s: Sam Varela, Eric Norwine, Ross Buran

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