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Funny or Die’s Link Dump: C.K. on Carlin, Gervais’s New Show, and More

A couple weeks ago, someone commented on a Link Dump that they were surprised to see a lack of Louis CK in the roundup. Fair enough. We’re sorry. We really are. And to fix that, here he is. Paying tribute to George Carlin no less. – The Daily What

Speaking of famous funny people, here’s a NEW clip from Ricky Gervais’s new show – HuffPost Comedy

Continuing with the theme of legendary comics, Splitsider took at look at the lost roles of Richard Pryor. It’s very educational. – Splitsider

I have no idea what happens at Burning Man, but this photo recap confirms my assumption that’s it’s just a big neon Mad Max – Buzzfeed

The Successful Black Man Meme is very funny, offensive. – Uproxx

Don’t you miss the days when you could have your morning coffee all while hating women? Let this collection of 50s Coffee Ads bring you back to the good ol’ days – Videogum

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