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Debunking 7 Popular Podcast Myths

You Have to Download

This might be the most widespread podcast myth of them all. You don ‘??t have to download anything to enjoy a podcast! They ‘??re available streaming all over the Internet! Don ‘??t want to look all over the Internet? You don ‘??t have to. ‘We now offer a wide selection of hilarious Earwolf podcasts right here on Funny Or Die! ‘Save that valuable hard drive space for your vacation photos and massive database of pirated music.

You Have to Subscribe

There ‘??s no subscription necessary if you want to listen to a podcast. You don ‘??t even have to hand over your email. All you need to do is click a link and you ‘??ll be whisked away to a magical Funny Or Die page with a streaming podcast. Try it! CLICK ME!

You Need an iPod

Have you been paying attention? All you do is click and listen and you do it all on a computer. No iPod or iPhone or iPad or iTunes or ‘??¬°Ay, Caramba! ‘? ‘ shirts required.

They ‘??re Difficult In Any Way

Do you have trust issues? Who did this to you? Why won ‘??t you accept that all you need to do in order to enjoy a laugh inducing podcast is click a link ‘then lay back and let it happen? There ‘??s probably a better way to word that last part. Then again, maybe there isn ‘??t. We ‘??ll never know.

They ‘??re Boring

This myth is a little subjective, but we ‘??re here to tell you that if you check out the wide array of podcasts we offer you will find one that is right for you. By ‘??right for you ‘? ‘ we mean ‘??able to help you kill lots of time. ‘? ‘ We know that this service of helping you kill time sounds invaluable, and therefore expensive, but don ‘??t worry! That brings us to our next myth ‘? ‘

Listening to Podcasts Costs $6 Million Dollars

Not only will listening to a podcast not cost you $6,000,000 it won ‘??t cost you $1! Or any amount of dollars in between! Or even a fraction of a dollar! It will cost you no dollars or any dollar parts or even any doll hairs. It ‘??s free! That should be reason enough to try most things that don ‘??t kill you right away (and some that do!) so just listen to one already. Heck, listen to two at a time! You only live once according to most Western religions.

Podcasts Killed Your Family

For the last time, podcasts didn ‘??t kill your family. They ‘??re gone forever, and you ‘??re going to need to accept that, but podcasts didn ‘??t play a part in what happened that tragic afternoon. You know what might help you get your mind off things? Listening to a podcast!

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