By: MATES VS. From Pepsi MAX

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Mates Vs Presents: Top 5 Places to Visit Before You Die… More Specifically, Before You Die in a Fire

5. A Fire-Retardant Suit Store ‘- To help you not die in a fire.
4. A Fire Station – This also could help. Just alert them that you'll soon be perishing in a fire. But if you don't have an exact time, they probably can only follow you around for so long.
3. A Water Park – But given the premise, I guess your death is already assumed. ‘You're going to die in a fire no matter what. ‘This is more just a list of places to go in the meantime. ‘So enjoy the slides, but they won't save you from dying in a fire.
2. A Church / Synagogue / Place of Worship – Oh my [higher being], I'm going to die in a fire! There's nothing I can do about it. Why is this happening?!
1. Any Building That's Not On Fire – Run as long as you have to. ‘The fire can't get you if you don't let it. YOU WILL NOT CATCH ME!

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