By: Blake Griffin

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Flight of the Griffin

Blake Griffin stars in the movie event of the year. Written and directed by Blake Griffin himself, Flight of the Griffin: Voyage of the Sky Treader will be the one movie you won't want to miss this year.

Starring: Blake Griffin & Bob Odenkirk as Admiral Fluffington
Featuring: Ryan Perez & Dave Ferguson as Keepers of the Skygate
Also Featuring: Lauryn Kahn, Nick Corirossi, Chris Kelly & Alex Fernie
Written, Directed, Edited, Cinematography, Computer Generated Effects, Costume and Original Concept all by Blake Griffin
Ghost Written by: Seth Morris
Ghost Directed by: Scott Gairdner
Ghost Edited by: Scott Gairdner & Pat Bishop
Executive Produer: Mike Farah
Produced by: Betsy Koch and Alex Richanbach
Director of Photography: Brian Lane
Art Dept: Ellie Del Campo
Hair/ MU: Sara Irving
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Sound: BoTown Sound
PA ‘s: Ross Buran

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