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SNL Returns, Is Hilarious

SNL returned this week with Alec Baldwin hosting. It had some very funny sketches! You should watch those very funny sketches. And this is a total coincidence, we’ve collected those very funny sketches for your viewing pleasure.

The night kicked off with a Republican Presidential Candidate debate that had a field day with the murderers’ row of crazies the GOP has trotted out. It’s pretty long, but also pretty great.

How about a monologue featuring some special guests? Great. I thought you might like that. (HINT: One of them may or may not be Steve Martin, but definitely is Steve Martin)

Red Flag. Vintage SNL happening right here, but with even better production value. This is all sorts of hilarious/pretty.

And finally, the Top Gun screen-tests you never saw.

Eh, who are we kidding? We’ve got more. Here’s easily the best hypothetical-celebrity-gay-sex game show you’ll see all day.

Not bad, right? Well done, SNL. As much as we love staring at ubiquitous billboards for Mad Men: Ladiez Edish and being told that “adorkable” is a word, it’s comforting to know that SNL can return with no fanfare and properly take care of business on opening night.

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