By: MATES VS. From Pepsi MAX

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Mates Vs Presents: Top 5 Ways to Get Yourself into the VIP

5. Be a woman This one is pretty self-explanatory. ‘Often times the easiest way to find yourself in the VIP is to use what you were given. In this case, a delicate frame and ladyparts.
4. Disguise yourself as a waiter ‘- A classic. Chloroform a waiter, steal the outfit, and deliver a few drinks. ‘However, it may be difficult to stay in the VIP once you've dropped off the drinks. ‘Easy solution is to chloroform a star up there, dress them as the waiter, and wear the star's clothes. ‘Repeat for all witnesses.
3. Be a super attractive woman ‘- Similar to #5, but your chances do increase if you were blessed with a good figure and pretty face.
2. Get famous ‘- This one might take a few days, but is totally do-able. Our recommendation? ‘Star in a bad music video. ‘If that fails, sleep with a political figure. Notoriety may not be as good as fame, but they work pretty much the same way.
1. Be a super attractive woman with huge breasts – See #5 and #3. ‘Trust us. Those doormen are only thinking with one part of their bodies. ‘And that's their eyes. ‘Which are staring at your huge breasts.

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