By: Ken Furer

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Why ‘The Playboy Club’ Failed

  • NBC has cancelled 'The Playboy Club' after just three episodes. Critics cited that the show “wasn't sexy enough,” “was targeted at women despite the male oriented Playboy brand,” and “sucked major ass.” However, in reality there were other reasons why 'The Playboy Club' failed:
    Playboy bunnies just aren't that adorkable.
  • Not enough Hitler references.
  • It was too smart for mainstream audiences. But its strong cult following will demand that the show returns in a couple years with nine more episodes and a feature film.
  • It would have done much better as some sort of singing-based reality show. Because you can never have too many singing-based reality shows.
  • Should have replaced Hefner with Kutcher.
  • Banana Republic’s ‘Playboy Bunny’ clothing line wasn’t selling.
  • And finally, half of all marriages don’t end in bunny ears.
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