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Link Dump! Best Signs from Occupy Wall Street, Princess Bride Reunion, and More

Hey guys! It’s the weekend. Unless of course you’re reading this a couple days after it was posted, which is entirely possible. And if that’s the case, please focus on the picture above as it will calm your nerves, which are for some reason fired up. Anyway, let’s enjoy some links.

  • The Funniest SNL Commercials of All Time – HuffPost Comedy
  • Movie Icons Reimagined as South Park Characters – Next Movie
  • Boom! You just got Biden’d! – Buzzfeed
  • The Best Protest Signs from Occupy Wall Street – Happy Place
  • Here’s that Princess Bride Reunion you were asking for. – Warming Glow
  • In case you haven’t seen how The Onion handled Steve Jobs’ passing, it was perfect.

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