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Jon Stewart to Republicans: “What the F–k is Wrong With You People?”

Gaddafi’s dead! So is Qaddafi! We did it, guys! We did it!! Wait, what’s that? Major Republicans refused to credit us for having a hand in it? Interesting. Let’s see what the Daily Show had to say.

Key quote, if you’re unable to watch the video:

“Is there no republican that can be gracious and statesman-like in this situation? We removed a dictator in six months, losing no American soldiers, spending like a billions dollars rather than a trillion dollars, and engendering what appears to be goodwill to people who now have a prideful story of their own independence to tell — (softly) not to mention oil, they have oil. Anybody wanna give credit? ‘(After showing clips of key GOP Senators crediting Britain and France) What the fuck is wrong with you people? Honestly, what is wrong with you? Are you that small? (Taking on their voice) ‘You know what else, we really gotta give credit to the Chinese. Without the invention of gunpowder ””

Nailed it.

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