By: Steve Martin

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Bluegrass Diva with Steve Martin, Ed Helms and Noam Pikelny

Renowned banjo player Noam Pikelny's new Compass Records album Beat the Devil and Carry A Rail narrowly escapes creative failure with help from his Bluegrass community friends: Steve Martin, Ed Helms, Earl Scruggs, B ‘la Fleck, Chris Thile, Gillian Welch, and Dave Rawlings.

Starring Steve Martin, Ed Helms, Noam Pikelny, Gabe Witcher, Chris Thile, Earl Scruggs, B ‘la Fleck, Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings & Seth Morris
Written by Charles Ingram, Ryan Perez, Steve Martin, and Ed Helms
Directed by Charles Ingram and Ryan Perez
Produced by Ally Hord
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Brian Lane
2nd Unit shooters: Nick Corirossi, Elliot Dickerhoof & Craig Havighurst
Edited by Charles Ingram & Ryan Perez
Assistant Editor: Tom Nuzzalo
Hair/MU: Kat Bardot & Genevieve Lamb
Video Concept: Motti Pikelny
Sound: BoTown Sound

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