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Louis CK, Triumph, & Televised Same-Sex Marriage: Last Night’s Conan Was the Best

Did you guys see Conan last night? It was great. Probably the best. Okay, definitely the best. Here’s a quick rundown: Louis CK, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Triumph all made appearances. Oh, and he just happened to officiate the first televised same-sex marriage. I know!

Go ahead and watch the best parts of Conan from last night, which essentially is to say you should watch all of Conan from last night.

Let’s kick things off with Louis CK, who like this episode, is also the best.

Triumph returns ‘triumphantly.

I heard you like watching history. Awesome. Here’s history:

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, the warm feeling you get when you realize competing late night hosts can be friends.


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