By: MATES VS. From Pepsi MAX

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Mates Vs Presents: Top 5 Best Tips for Your Next Snowboarding Trip

5. Watch out for loose clothing – ‘Normally we'd argue against following posted rules, wearing helmets, board straps, pants, etc. ‘But seriously, getting an overall caught in the lift and losing a leg will keep you off the slopes for a few days at least. ‘Not worth it.

4. PDDs – ‘Portable Drinking Devices are key to any trip. Camelbacks, water bottles, or for the ironic among you, your old Scouts canteen. ‘Fill with your favorite Max cocktail to stay warm on the slopes.

3. Backflips are easy – ‘Stop being a pansy. Just try it. ‘

2. Take off the board and hike – ‘Falling on your face every ten feet feels even more gratifying if you spent two hours hiking to get there.

1. Snow bunnies – ‘No matter what you're doing, adding a hot fling with a stranger to it will make it even better. ‘Snowboarding is no exception. ‘So wear tight clothes, get drunk, pull a backflip, get somewhere secluded, and get busy.

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