By: Tim Meadows

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Herman Cain’s 1986 Sexual Harassment Training

In this 1986 sexual harassment training video for Godfather's Pizza, Herman Cain explains the dos and don'ts of sex in the workplace.

Starring: Tim Meadows
Also Featuring: Anne Rieman, Jessica Williams, Brittney Rentschler, Benjamin Siemon, Matt Kowalick & Kiki McCleary
Writer/Director: Ryan Perez
Concept: Tim Meadows
DP: Mike Manasewitsch
Editors: Danny Jelinek & Ryan Perez
Producer: Alex Richanbach
Production Design: Martin Vallejo
Wardrobe: Natasha Kutrovacz
Hair and MU: Genevieve Lamb
1st AD: Lauren Smitelli
1st AC: Nathan Cornett
Gaffer: Elizabeth Yarwood
Sound: BoTown Sound
PAs: Ross Buran, Madison Dyer

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