By: Jack Packard

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R.I.P. “Music” 3,000 B.C. – July, 2011 A.D.

Though the art form has been a long standing medium for thoughs, ideas and feeling I'm sad to anounce that in early July of 2011 “Music” has died.


"Music" ended it's long struggle with emotionless pop, auto-tune and prepubesent boy bands with a final death scream of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

Because apperently it's OK to just name your band after a movie you saw once.

A perfect storm of sloppy songwritting, bandwagon (super)jumping and blatent ripoffs were some of the final symptoms of this once thriving art form.


"Music" is survived by it's loving and supportive wife "Dance" and two childred "Bumping" and "Grinding" 

Services will be held at any townie bar with a cover band.

In liew of Flowers the family asks that you google "Tommy James and The Shondells" and spend the afternoon floating on waves of reverbed guitar.

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