By: Owen Burke

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Google Maps is Watching You

Ever get the feeling google maps cars are everywhere and following you at the same time? It's because they are.

Starring – David Neher, Marissa Pinson, Amazon Eve, J-Ray Hochfield, Tess Kartel, Michael Huang, Ryland Lynch and Noland Ammon
Written by Owen Burke
Directed by Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Director of Photography – Kevin Atkinson
1st AC – Jordan Martin
Gaffer – Jay Guffey
Key Grip – Ben Benish
Grip- CJ Colace
Production Designer – Tony Swansey
Art Director- Colin Blake
Art Lead – Kate Grady
Sound – BoTown Sound/Steve Pallow
Production Coordinator- Alistair Walford
Production Assistant – Andrew Grissom
Produced by Sean Boyle
Executive Producer – Mike Farah
Edited by Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Special Effects – Brad Clapper

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