By: Shawn Garrett

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Just What Has Scott Baio Been Up To?

In early 2009 production began with Scott Baio in the title role of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. After reviewing dailies of the movie, producers made the decision to fire Baio and replace him with Kevin James. When asked by reporters why the decision was made, producer Adam Sandler said, "We felt the premise of 'mall cop' was too funny on it's own and we needed a substantial talent to bring the production down to Sandler movie levels."

When Libyan rebels found Qaddafi's secret photo album of Conoleeza Rice in August, Scott Baio released this photo to the media. He mentioned that during this meeting between Qaddafi and Rice, where he acted as interpreter, he was forced to lie to the former Secretary of State when interpreting Qaddafi. As to not offend her, when he presented Qaddafi as stating, "We are a fun and loving country," he was, in fact, saying, "I want to bang you like lonely camel who will do anything for water."

Modern Family producer Danny Zuker made the unfortunate decision to cut Baio out of the original pilot episode of Modern Family. "We have these complicated tests that show what a viewer is looking at on the screen," he said.  "And we noticed that whenever Sofia Vergara and Scott shared a moment on the screen, that the viewers focus would immediately leave the beautiful Vergara and focus on the larger bulge in Baio's pants. We would completely lose the viewers attention span at that point."

Scott Baio was arrested in Portland earlier this month while taking part in the Occupy protests there. Fellow protestor Kate Smigel said, "I think he was protesting. I remember he was there, asking for food. And change, he asked people if they had any change a lot, I remember that. He didn't have a tent though, which was weird. I think he said his friend had one, but I never saw it."

The original, untouched and iconic photo of President Obama and his staff watching the mission that killed Osama bin Laden was released earlier this month. When asked why the photo was doctored, a White House insider reportedly said, "It was all Biden. He wanted Scott to disappear."

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