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The 6 Greatest Ryan Brothers Moments

Rex on a Snack Grabbing Mission

From HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Don’t let the inside look at a team forming bonds in training camp fool you; this was essentially a documentary about Rex Ryan and the snacks that he ate. Here is the defining moment.

The Time in the 80s That Rex Ryan Looked Like Kenny Powers

Everthing about this: ‘


And that would make Mark Sanchez his Stevie?

Rick Ryan's Sitcom

Earns a spot on the list because we have no idea what’s going on here. Is this a thing? Is this happening? Why is this the first we’ve heard of this brother and where are his snacks? Here’s the link to the show’s trailer. See for yourself.


Rex Dresses as Rob

Honestly had the picture we grabbed not been labeled “Rex as Rob,” I never would have known.


Rob's Retort

Honestly, it seems like Rob won this battle, as he strapped on a weight belt, inferring that his brother Rex uses it as a girdle during press conferences. BOOM ROASTED REX RYAN GO EAT YOUR SNACKS.


Whatever Game of Grabass is Going on Here

That's what I want to be part of. Where's the rest of the story? Why are they on the same field? Are they on their way to snacks? Let me into your lives!!!!!!


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