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Link Dump: Breaking Bad vs. The Simpsons, Best of Ron Swanson, and More


Hey! This may be the last link dump of the year, so let's really soak these in. Make them count. It's what Matt Damon wants. Also, Happy whatever holiday you celebrate, even if it's Hannukah. ‘

  • The Internet’s 10 Best Ron Swanson Tributes – Uproxx
  • The Breaking Bad/Simpsons mashup you always wanted – HuffPost Comedy
  • If church signs were brutally host about Christmas – Happy Place
  • 30 Rock’s coming back! Here’s a preview – Splitsider
  • The Best Mugshots of 2011 – Buzzfeed
  • No clue why this exists, but this website where you make things explode may be the best website ever. – Devastating Explosions

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