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BARE NEKKED CHEF: Christmas Morning Muggie

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL! For the 3rd episode of the Bare Nekked Chef, Daily Fiber brings you a breakfast favorite to get Santa's helpers up, presents open, and the Party started again!

Starring: Raymond McAnally, Aaron Ballard, Jean Marie Henry, and Amanda Kay Schill
Written By: Raymond McAnally
Directed By: William Philbin
Bare Nekked Chef Intro Music: “Queen of Saturday Night ‘ by Ward Boone
Party Music: A Rock'n'Rollin ‘ Vintage Christmas BY: SHAUN FREARSON (purchased from “The New Classics: Royalty-Free Original Christmas Songs ‘
Recipe Background Music:
Title: Jingle Bells
Kevin MacLeod
Genre: Holiday
License Agreement: Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0 ‘

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