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Cop-Puter with Jennifer Beals & Adrian Paul

In the far off future of 1986, an LAPD police officer has his brain waves copied onto computer floppy discs and is turned into the ultimate crime-fighting desktop: COP-PUTER. Starring Jennifer Beals and Adrian Paul. Watch the rest of the FOD 1986 Lineup here:

Starring: Jennifer Beals and Adrian Paul
Also starring: Luka Jones, Rene Gube, Joe Hartzler, Deb Tarica and Alex Fernie
Written by: Alex Fernie
Directed by: Alex Fernie
Produced by: Betsy Koch and Matt Mazany
Production Coordinator: Alistair Walford
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
1st AD: Matt Mazany
Edited by: Pat Bishop
FX: Brad Clapper
Art Dept: Martin Vallejo and Ellie Del Campo
Hair/ MU: Kat Bardot
Hair/MU Assts: Kate Mullin and Kathleen Pardo
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer and Bradley Bowns
Sound: BoTown Sound
Key Grip: Ryan Ovadia
Gaffer: Jordan Downey
Grip: Andrew Crighton, Ryan Girkins and Paul Monroe
PA ‘s: Andrew Grissom, Joe Bergren, Ross Buran Stephen Pell

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