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Stephen Colbert Announces His Presidential Run

The South Carolina primary just got interesting. Not that it wasn't interesting before, what with it being a part of the process in which we blah blah President of the United States (Politics!). But c'mon this ‘this is huge. ‘

Stephen Colbert is running for President.

Colbert made the announcement on his show, after discovering he was polling ahead of Jon Hunstman in South Carolina. First of all: Amazing. Second of all: Aw, Jon Huntsman.

So what about Colbert’s Super PAC? A presidential candidate cannot also run a Super PAC as it is clearly a conflict of interest. Not a problem. Colbert handed the reins to some guy he knows, Jon Stewart, which only adds to the satirical nature of all this since most of the candidates’ Super PACs are run by former staff members or close confidants. Well played.

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