By: Thomas Lennon

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The Hunger Pains

A Trailer for the Harvard Lampoon Parody, spoofing The Hunger Games movie, based on the popular book series, which may or may not be a ripoff of a Japanese movie, based on an even earlier book. STAY HUNGRY.

Starring: Rachel Bloom (Kantkiss Neverclean), Thomas Lennon (Buttitch Totalapathy), Robert Ben Garant (The Rainmaker), Mindy Sterling (Kantkiss ‘s mom), Cedric Yarbrough (Cinnabon), Katie Amanda Keane (Effu Poorpeople), Todd Fasen (Pita Malarkey), and Alex Berg (Smash).Directed by: David LincolnWritten by: The Harvard LampoonProduced by: Sean Boyle and David LincolnDirector of Photography: Charles Papert1st AD: Caitlin SmithEdited by: Brian LaneArt Dept: Martin Vallejo and Alison Koch Hair/ MU: Megan NicollWardrobe: Aubrey Binzer, Jennifer WolfSound: BoTown Sound – Kelly AmbowPA: Jake Robinson

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