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Another Article On Whether Women Are Funny Or Not That Will Get Hits Because Of Lena Dunham’s New HBO Show

He died only four months ago but the controversial words of Christopher Hitchens linger on like the resonant V.O. in a movie trailer. With more and more women being born and existing in the world, the question as to whether some women are funny or not comes up again and again with each passing day. Could it be that people with vaginas also have a tube in their body that makes the funny things in their brain come out of their mouths? Do they have funny things in their brain at all? What would this tube be? These are just some of the many questions I will pose in this article and then not answer at all.

A brand new underground comedian on the scene named Sira Silverman has carved a small niche for herself by sometimes using words like “vagina”, “cock”, “cunt” and one other thing we can’t print here, while standing on an elevated platform in front of a room full of people. Is Sira Silverman representative of the way comedy is headed? Is she a woman talking like a man does or is she just a really pretty man? Someone I asked who also sometimes holds a microphone in front of their face as they say things said “Yes”. But that begs the question, what is funny?

Further proof that sometimes women might be funny can be found in this years Academy Awards special on the ABC news network. Despite having no female nominees for director, a hilarious comedy called Bridesmaids was nominated for best writing and a large woman in that movie was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. It seems like every day more women are on the red carpet, but how many of them are doing hilarious bits with the cameras? Can people be funny in dresses? When a man wears a dress it is sometimes funny, but usually when a woman wears a dress it is just normal. My mom likes the Academy Awards and she’ll usually laugh at Billy Crystal, but he’s a man and not a woman. Is he being funny? Most studies would say that some men are in fact funny, but if that’s the case, then why is my mom maybe laughing at him? Is it because men and women are more alike than we think? Once a doctor told me something that would seem to relate to this.

Which leads me to a point about Edie Brill, who was a guy who worked at a show and didn’t put women on the show. Why didn’t he put women on the show? Is it because they aren’t funny or is it because he was bad at seeing what was funny? I have never met him or talked to him so I don’t know if he even saw Bridesmaids. Also sometimes cats are funny online and sometimes those cats are female. I talked with one woman who used YouTube once and she told me to “leave”.

Which concludes my point on whether some women are funny or not. The truth of the matter is that there’s no possible way to know as long as people keep confusing me by having conflicting viewpoints. When I set out on this journey I really thought people would give me a definitive answer but science hasn’t yet caught up to that point. Something about SXSW.

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