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Rush Limbaugh’s Slutty TV Pitches


Rush Limbaugh, noted expert on women's health, recently called Sandra Fluke, the law-student who spoke out in favor of women's birth control, a “slut” who wanted the government to pay her to have sex. I know, what a toally logical thing to say!

So, for no reason whatsoever, let's pretend that Rush Limbaugh has decided to use the attention he's currently receiving to pitch TV shows.

“Slut or Not a Slut” ‘

A game show in which Rush Limbaugh takes a look a two women and guesses which one is a slut based on whether or not she uses birth control to regulate her menstrual cycle. ‘

“America's Funniest Sluts”

First episode: Hidden camera footage of a girl trying to talk at a federal hearing about women's health and reproduction. It's slutlarious!

“My Two Sluts”

Traditional sitcom in which Rush is a father of two girls, each of whom have ovarian cysts. Awkwardness ensues when their only option is to take birth control for medical purposes and become sluts. ‘ ‘

“Putas Socialmente Liberales”

A telenovela following the dramatic exploits of left-leaning birth-control users. ‘

“Big Fat Asshole”

Documentary series about Rush Limbaugh's day to day life. In the spirt of “Sarah Palin's Alaska,” but with more big fat assholes. ‘

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