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Happy Place Episode 2

Welcome back to Happy Place!

Starring Whit Hertford & Nora Kirkpatrick
Featuring Matt L. Jones, Allan McLeod, Julie Brister, Doug Jones, Jeff Doucette, Mark Teich, & DeMorge Brown
Directed by Danny Jelinek & Jason Whetzell
Produced by Christin Trogan
Written by & Original Music Composed by Whit Hertford & Nora Kirkpatrick
Edited by Aaron Moles
Director of Photography: Mike Manasewitsch
B-Camera Operator: Ricky Fosheim
Assistant Director: Greg Kindra
Gaffer: Richard Kim
G&E: Brett Lopes & Marcus McDougald
Art Director: Katie Byron
Set Dresser: Miranda Menzies
Art Assistant Raylyn Tepper
Costume Designer: Aubrey Binzer
Sound Mixer: BoTown Sound
Production Assistants: Sam Varela & Andrew Furtado

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