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Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 1

New Era takes Craig Robinson & Nick Offerman out to the old ball game.


Nick Offerman & Craig Robinson square off in their own Windy City showdown, and neither of them show any hint of backing down. Chicago baseball fans know this struggle, as the Cubs and White Sox share one of the stoutest, most historic rivalries in all of professional sports. The Cubs-White Sox rivalry has even given rise to a number of nicknames, including the Crosstown Classic, the (already mentioned) Windy City Showdown, Chicago Showdown, Red Line Series, North-South Showdown, Halsted Street Series, City Series, Crosstown Series, Crosstown Cup, or Crosstown Showdown.

Things start off amicable enough with some good old fashioned, under-the-cap glowering, but then do things take a turn and escalate quickly. We ‘re talking pretzels, eaten with NO REGARD as to whether or not they actually ARE eaten. I mean napkins are willy-nilly torn asunder.

That ‘s when these two handfuls of Big League chew take things dark. Bar darts. Brandished, and then chucked in a most irresponsible manner, followed by edge-of-your-seat, confrontational eye contact during urinal use. Makes one wonder, What wouldn ‘t Nick Offerman do for a World Series? ‘

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