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5 Movies Hollywood Will Inevitably Make

Well, it's official … Hollywood is out of ideas. Between the sequels, 80s remakes, board game adaptations, and Snow White reimaginings, it feels like we've seen it all before. So what's next from the Hollywood dream factory? Perhaps another wedding comedy featuring a zany bridal party? ‘Or a found footage horror film that clearly wasn't found? ‘Here are five movies we can probably expect to see in the near future:


When a young woman’s longtime male best friend turns into a flesh-eating zombie, the two start sleeping together.



A contained thriller set entirely on a shopping mall escalator. ‘ A freshly laid off mall employee gets mixed up with a twisted sociopath who forces him to continue going up the down escalator in order to stay alive.



A quirky tale about an off-center middle manager who works for a faceless corporation and his best friend who is a Post-It Note.



When his only daughter’s bag of pretzel M&Ms goes missing at the petting zoo, a vengeful father sets out to track it down. TAKEN but with goats.



A retelling of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, flipped on its head and told from the point of view of the beanstalk.


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