By: Dave Foley

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Sexy Daddy with Dave Foley

If you're having sex, think wholesome thoughts.

Starring Dave Foley
Featuring: Rob Benedict, Alexie Gilmore & Jean Baptiste
Written by Kevin MacDonald and Dave Foley
Produced and Directed by Jonathan Kesselman
Executive Producer ‘ Sean Boyle
Producer ‘ Pyongson Yim
Co-Producer ‘ Paul Kropfl
Co-Producer ‘ Mark Hubatsek
Associate Producer ‘ Martha Tuber
Director of Photography ‘ Mark Hubatsek
Editor ‘ Mike Mezzina
Graphic Effects ‘ C. Brent Ferguson
1st Assistant Director ‘ Matthew Slamowitz
Gaffer ‘ Hemant Tavathia
Digital Imaging Technician ‘ Ryan Savini
Sound Designer ‘ David Bondelevitch
Composer ‘ Michael Cohen & Mocean Worker
Sound Recording ‘ Jake Magher
Boom Op ‘ Rainer Evans
Production Designer ‘ Avery Sorrels
Makeup ‘ Lindsay Cullen and Alex Guffey
Production Assistants ‘ Adam Bildersee, Emily Bogue, and Nugent Cantileno
Locations Provided by Neal and Judy Stevens and Greko Chemoul (Le French Diner)

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