By: Marla and Lisa Mindelle

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LYRICS: Lazy Monday, wake up with some ladies to share Where you goin? I'ma do a broadway show in TIMES SQUARE! call my sister! Whatchu want? I'm gonna go be a nun! Girl, you know you sounding CRAZY! No, my job is so fun! WORD, I'm the sister of the SISTER ACT I keep it realer than the realness of a suicide pact! HOLY CRAP it's 7:30 I don't wanna get sacked! Gotta jet to get in costume for SISTER ACT! Cause 8 o clock, on the dot, I'm gonna act like a toddler cause I'm the little baby nun you know as SISTER MARY ROBERT! CHORUS AWWWW WE SOME FUNNY ASS NUNS AT SISTER ACT WE EATIN' DOZEN BY THE CRUMBS AT SISTER ACT ANYONE WHO'S NOT A CHRISTIAN BETTER WATCH THEIR BACK CAUSE WE SOME FUNNY AS NUNS AT SISTER ACT (riff) ooohhh whoa SECOND VERSE! Ironically we're virgins that NEVER WEAR PANTS! But it makes it really easy for a SISTER BREAK DANCE! We can juggle speaking latin, we're a trinity hat trick and if you wanna laugh just take a look at SISTER MARY PATRICK! So lemme break it down for you, put away your guns Come over to the Broadway where I's chillin with these nuns and if you STILL need convincing to see SISTER ACT Just come see Raven Symone teaching people how to “BL-ACT!” We got mind on the savior and the savior on our mind! And when we're not in prayer we break it down like BUSTA RHYMES Yeah we sing higher than the heavens and our harmonies KICK IT! So all you BITCHES THAT GOT CAST AS WITCHES IN WICKED CAN LICK IT! CHORUS AWWWWW WE SOME FUNNY ASS NUNS AT SISTER ACT WE EATIN' DOZEN BY THE CRUMBS AT SISTER ACT IT'S A MUSICAL HAVEN AT SISTER ACT WE SAYIN' THAT'S SO RAVEN AT SISTER ACT

Written by: Marla Mindelle, Lisa Mindelle – sketch comedy released on Tuesdays! CUNEXTUESDAY!
Featuring: Raven Symone, Lisa Mindelle, Marla Mindelle, Sarah Bolt, Marissa Perry, Alena Watters, John Tracey Egan, Demond Green, Jen Simard, Madeline Doherty, Rashidra Scott, C.J Greer , Chelsea Morgan Stock.

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