By: Rufus Wainwright

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Rufus Wainwright Does Gum

Singer Rufus Wainwright is premiering a brand new concert featuring only the greatest music ever written: songs from chewing gum commercials!

Starring Rufus Wainwright
Written and Directed by Alex Fernie
Band “Safari Jazz ‘ Fred Sandoval, Robert Pope, Steve B.
Produced by Ally Hord
DP: Kevin Atkinson
Camera Op: Zach Zdziebko
AC: Kyle Peters
Sound: BoTown Sound
Camera Operator: Jay Guffey
Gaffer: Jay Guffey
Key Grip: Ben Benesh
Grip: Tony Lopez Cepero
Production Design: Ellie Del Campo and Samantha Corona
PAs: Ross Buran, Eric Norwine, Matt Sweeney
Musical Arrangements by Adam Blau
Wardrobe: Tala Bakhtar
Edited by Elliot Dickerhoof

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