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The Ridiculous (And Awesome) Shirts Worn by Russell Westbrook


If you're not watching the NBA Finals, that's fine. Basketball's not your thing and we're not going to try to pressure you into watching something you don't like. HOWEVER, we would recommend tuning into the post game show, which has more suspense than any of the games themselves due to the fashion choices of Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook. More specifically: his shirts. Every night it's a new shirt, each topping the previous. They look like he went to J.Crew or Old Navy, walked over the boxers section and was like “Yes, please,” and then went home and stitched sleeves on them.


The point is: he's our generations Craig Sager.


Craig, wearing wacky shirts and coats is now a young man's game.

ANYWAY, without further ado, he are Russell Westbrook's finest (read: most ridiculous) shirts.

The Fish Hooks:


The Teddy Bears Dressed as Dandies:


The White People Doing Luxury Activities?


The Paintball:


The I Don’t Give a Fuck:

The Misdirect!


The Rorschach:


The Normal By Comparison:


(UPDATE: A kind commenter was nice enough to point out that we had originally labeled the first shirt “Umbrellas.” That was our bad. They are fish hooks and we'll forever regret this day.)

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