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Link Dump: Seinfeld’s New Series, Conan’s Coffee Table Books, and More


We're not sure who made the picture, but if they reveal themselves, we'd like to shake their hand. This better be hanging from the rafters during the 2012-2013 Brooklyn Nets season.

  • Jerry Seinfeld’s new series involves classic cars, comedians, and coffee because sure why not – Huffpost Comedy
  • 9 Actors You Never Knew Were on Dawson’s Creek – Uproxx
  • Bikini shots ruined by things in the background – Someecards
  • Your regular dose of Louis CK. In interview form. – AV Club
  • Conan’s ’33 Coffee Table Books That Didn’t Sell’ – TeamCoco
  • America: A Review – Megan Amram

pic via Paper Mag

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