By: Danica McKellar

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Patronizin’ You

Lou-Anne Judd Underbrooks (The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch) takes the wheel from Jesus in her unplugged country music video

Written by: Winston Beigel and Melissa Rauch
Directed by: Henry Kaplan and Melissa Rauch
Music and Arrangement by: Ben Rauch
Produced by: Josh Gordon, Winston Beigel, and Melissa Rauch
Director of Photography: Stephen Tringali
Lou-Anne Judd Underbrooks ‘Melissa Rauch
Appearing As Herself ‘Danica McKellar
Fish Fry Crasher ‘Matt Walsh
Bridezilla ‘Jessica St. Clair
Groom ‘Aaron Staton
Keynard “Keytar ‘ Williams ‘Winston Beigel
Girl With Face Infection ‘June Diane Raphael
It Takes A Village Woman ‘Morgan Walsh
Guy Who Lives With Parents ‘Will Wheaton
Mom ‘Dale Raoul
Dad ‘Kevin Brief
Twilight Fan ‘Danielle Schneider
The Bachelorette ‘Ali Fedowtosky
Jew Guy ‘Ben Rauch
Jew Guy ‘Josh Brener
Wonder Years Masturbator ‘Doug Benson
Assless Chaps Cowboy ‘Parker Young
Marathon Runner ‘Kristen Miller
Marathon Runner ‘Marquita Terry
Protestor ‘Jonathan Kite
Fish Fry Guests ‘Whitney Avalon, Mac Hanson, Jen Drohan, and John Highsmith
Mexicans ‘Eduardo Maceiras, Jose Paz, and Gabriel Alvarez
Goats ‘Star and Jasmine
1st Assistant Camera / Gaffer: Brian Taylor
2nd Assistant Camera: Gillen Burch
Makeup: Marquita Lanier
Wardrobe: Kate Berg
Wardrobe Assistant: Billy Johnson
Digital Imaging Technician: Jon Salvia
Production Coordinator: Maria Bissell
Production Assistant: Kafi Kareem
Production Assistant: Gabriella Katz
Production Assistant: Eduardo Maceiras
Still Photographer: John Highsmith
Editor: Henry Kaplan
Special Effects: Pete Binswanger
Sound Mix: Owen Granich-Young
Colorist: Stephen Tringali
Piano/Percussion: Ben Rauch
Acoustic & Electric Guitar/Sound Edits: Eric Seiz
Violin: Pearl Rhein
Acoustic Bass: Jeff Little
Mastering: Stefan Held (Steven Hero Productions)

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