By: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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RED with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Linda Cardellini

A Republican Congressional candidate sparks controversy when he opens up about himself

Starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Linda Cardellini
Featuring Maury Sterling, Mary Faber, Loren Lester
Special Thanks: Kurt Kuenne, Trey Callaway
Extras: Will Beckstein, Paul Sepulveda, Joe Carnegie, Lisa Lumar, Reagan Lake
Written and directed by Eric Champnella
Produced by Ally Hord
AD Becca Scheuer
DP Brian Lane
Gaffer Aaron Ulrich
Grip Seth craven
Sound BoTown Sound
Prod Designer Samantha Corona
Hair/MU Jen Grable
Ms. Cardellini ‘s MU by Steve Rodriguez
Wardrobe Tala Bakhtar
PA Joe Carnegie
Edited by Oz Rodriguez
Assist Editor William Maxwell

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