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9 Reasons To Download Issue #3 of the The Occasional

1. A Picture of Sarah Silverman on the Toilet

Oh and she's on the cover, too. But inside the magazine, you get this picture of her on the can, which is part of a whole interactive feature using audio and original photography. It's really fun! Just look at that face! Having fun!


2. You Can Read It While Taking a Shit

Not trying make this all about people sitting on toilets, but hey, why fight what feels right? The new issue of The Occasional is on both the iPad and iPhone, the latter of which comes in especially handy when you're pooping.


3. Tim Heidecker's briliant piece: Woody Allen's Answering Machine

Yeah, we're biased in calling it brilliant, but fuck it, it's our magazine and we're going to do what we want.

We built a fully functional answering machine that lets you play all the messages waiting for Woody when he gets back from his hot date with his daughter.


4. It is SO CHEAP

Yes, you can get comedy for free literally anywhere on the internet–here’s one place where this happens–but this is a premium experience that’s only available here, so why not shell out 2 BUCKS?

If you need context, here are a few other things you can buy for two american dollars:

  • a bag of store-brand tortilla chips
  • half a latte at Starbucks
  • a two-dollar bill from someone who doesn't understand the concept of collectibles.

5. Prince Magazine

Prince bought a section of the Occasional. YES. PRINCE. He wanted to get into publishing and who are we to turn him down? (Full disclosure: he paid in purple tuxedos)


6. Bob Odenkirk's New Short

Hey, comedy nerd. We're talking to you. With Odenkirk in the fold, we're talking Silverman, Heidecker, and Odenkirk. Combine that with contributions from Simon Rich, Kumail Nanjiani, Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, Julie Klausner, Todd Barry, and more. It's a goddamn comedy All-Star team going on over here.

7. Interactive Fuck Marry Kill

Listen, you're already playing this with your friends anyway. Why not play it with us? We're your best friends, right? Right?????


8. If You Like 'Parks and Rec,' There's Plenty of 'Parks and Rec' in The Occasional

Since you'll love issue #003, you'll undoubtedly go back and check out previous issues. And if you're a Parks and Recreation fan, issue #002 is for you. It features contributions from Harris Wittels, Megan Amram, and Chelsea Peretti, all of whom are writers for Parks and Rec. Oh and the cover story? Just one Ron Swanson.


9. You're an Awesome Person

Who deserves awesome things like this. So go get it!


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