By: Patrick Stewart

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The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams

Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the Godfather of scalping tickets for the grandest event of them all….The 2012 London Olympics.

Starring – Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg, Maisie Williams and Ryan Lotche
Also starring – Ben Doherty, Ashley Lambert, Venessa Howell, and Richard Clinch
Written/Directed/Edited by – Nick Corirossi and Charles Ingram
Produced by – Betsy Koch
DP/AC/Asst Editor/Sound – Brian Lane
Hair/MU – Nicola Schuller
Hair/MU asst – Romaine Bowman
Wardrobe – Tala Bakhtar
Art – Martin Vallejo, Candy Lopez
Wardrobe asst – Gina Geoghegan
Location Manager – Tom Hamilton
Driver – Terry Jones
Security – Chas Mitchell
PA – Seema Nabavi, Ashley Lambert
Special Thanks to: Dave Lambert, Joshua Buckingham, Mark Cox, Gabriel Radcliff, Amy Ellery, and Chris Kanarick

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