By: Crystal the Monkey

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Monkey Agent

Crystal the famous acting monkey gets by with the help of her friend/agent Rhonda Price-Lieberstein, but has Hollywood finally corrupted the animal star?

Rhonda Price-Liebstein: Betsy Sodaro
Crystal the Monkey
TV Show Director: Jake Weisman
Angry Crew Member: David Venhuizen
Clapper: Chris Poole
Child actor: Ian Kanzler
Animal Trainers: Tom Gunderson, Tony Suffredini
Written and Directed by: Pat Bishop
Produced by: Michelle Fox, Juliet Seniff
DP: Zachary Zdziebko
Gaffer: Zach Rasmussen
Swing: Matt Sweeney
Sound: BoTown Sound
Editor: Pat Bishop
PA: Xavier Burgin

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