By: Beth Behrs

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The Argument with Beth Behrs & Michael Gladis

A husband and wife get into a little argument and things escalate quickly.

Starring: Beth Behrs and Michael Gladis
Featuring: Percy Coiro
Written/Directed by: Holt Bailey and Brian Steele
Produced by: Becca Scheuer and Rachel Goldenberg
DP: Calvin Callaway
Gaffer: Kenny Keeler
1st AC: Scott Lloyd
Sound: Matt Brodnick
Makeup: Sonia Cabrera
Hair/MU: Dani Barkat
Hair/MU assistants: Mandy Garcia and Melissa Ortiz
1st AD: Caitlin Smith
PA: Matt Sweeney and Daniel Beldy
Stunt Coordinator: Alain Romo
Editor & VFX: Mike Small
Additional VFX: Morgan Locke
Composer: Brian Kim
Special Thanks: Theo Kypri

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