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Funny or Die Live Tweets The Presidential Debate

Smug Gay Man



I’m Joseph Weston-Cauley. As a gay man, I’m concerned about issues that do and do not concern me.

Gridiron Pundit



Herb Dunleavy. Ramapo Raiders Long Snapper 1987-1991. Varsity Network Football Analyst. Two passions in life: Football and Politics. Politics is the most violent sport.

Body Language Expert



Dr. Gordon Blazer is a universally renowned Body Language expert, author of “Body Language: The Silent Killer”, the definitive book on body language.

At The Debates



Hi! I’m Troy! I love being in audiences. It’s one of the only ways I can be seen on TV. You can check out my work on Price is Right and football games.

American Divorcee



Hey there. Cythia Trowley. I used to be married. Now I’m not. I’M FINE!

Poli Sci Freshman



Hi, I’m Cody! Oberlin Freshman. PoliSci Major. Just read the Federalist Papers and figured it all out.

Golden Retreiver


Ruff! Just doggin’ around!

Ayn Rand Rulez



READ AYN RAND!!! Government and moochers are bad! HANDS OFF OUR SOCIAL SECURITY!

Office Know-It-All


That's not where the legal paper goes! Do I have to do everything around here?

Undecided Ghost



Lost spirit caught between the living and the dead, and not sure who to vote for in 2012.

Team Breezy! Chris Brown's #1 Fan!



Currently Candy Jackson, but the Future Mrs. Brown! Team Breezy 4 life!! Also interested in politics.

Dickensian Street Urchin



Hallow gov’ner! I’m Pip! Imma scrapper of a young lad who live en da dirty streets uf Lundon!

Acting Teacher – Stage Craft, Performance and Emotion



“Thoughts and feelings are suspended in a vacuum unless they instigate and feed the selected actions, and it is the characters' actions which reveal the character in the play.” – Uta Hagen

YouTube Tyler



#youtubeTyler Make sure to rate, comment, and subscribe! Check out the youtubeTyler channel on YouTube and thumbs-up my series Viral Rewind, Cats React, and Fast Editing No Jokes. What do you want to see cats react to next? Let me know in the comments! I make a living doing this! Make sure to rate, comment, and subscribe!

Mitt Romney's Zinger Coach



I helped Mitt come up with all of his zingers! Host of the weekly open mic at Sidesplitters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Senior Class President



Fighting the good fight for pizza triangles three days a week.

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