By: Dan Abramson

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Kids in Halloween Movies: All Grown Up

Thora Birch, 'Hocus Pocus': THEN


Thora Birch: NOW


Devon Sawa, 'Casper the Friendly Ghost': THEN


Devon Sawa: NOW


Haley Joel Osment, 'The Sixth Sense': THEN

Haley Joel Osment: NOW

Daveigh Chase, 'The Ring': THEN

Daveigh Chase: NOW

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen, 'Double Double Toil And Trouble': THEN

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen: NOW

Harvey Stephens, 'The Omen': THEN

Harvey Stephens: NOW

Jonathan Lipnicki, 'The Little Vampire': THEN

Jonathan Lipnicki: NOW

Christina Ricci, 'The Addams Family': THEN

Christina Ricci: NOW

Toshio Saeki, 'The Grudge': THEN

Toshio Saeki: NOW

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