By: Lisa Lumar

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Leaked Disney Star Wars 7 Trailer

Now that Disney has announced their acquisition of Lucasfilms, the trailer for Disney's Star Wars 7 set for a 2015 release has leaked to the public, see it here first!

Written By/Director: Lisa Lumar
Lyrics by: Lisa Lumar, Bill Rinaldi
Singers: Bill Rinaldi, Sean Gantka, Lacey Dyer, & Lisa Lumar
Announcer: Charles Ingram
Sound FX: Pat Bishop
Puppeteers: Anna Wenger, Michelle Fox, Caitlin Smith, Matt Sweeney,
Seth Craven, Andrew Grissom, Autumn Grezel
Puppets/Art Department by: Lisa Lumar
DP/Director: Pat Bishop
Editor: Chelsea Rebecca
G&E: Matt Sweeney & Seth Craven

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