By: Mike Falzone

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Buddy Knuckles: The Greatest Guitar Player In The History Of Time

Budwin J. Knuckles. Buddy Knuckles is a session guitar player who has a reputation with music industry insiders and famous musicians as being the best session guitarist of all time. To his credit are 300+ Grammy Awards, credits in 300+ album liner notes, and a no frills personality. He has hidden from the world for years but now the time has come for him to be documentary-ized by a film crew. Viewers will come to learn all of Buddy's “studio tricks”, personality quirks, loving attitude towards animals, and downright amazingness Buddy never went to college, never took a lesson, invented the pedal belt, has his own personal assistant, and knows all of the answers. Buddy Kuckles is an a**hole.

Created by Mike Falzone, Criag D'andrea, and Jimmy McDonald

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