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Cleve Dixon Ep 3: A Hot Time in Ol’ K-Town

A missing husband, a broken heart and startling confession. Just a normal dangerous day for the likes of Cleve Dixon, the detective!

Written by / Starring: Adam McCabe
Introducing: Andree Vermeulen
Directed by: Noam Bleiweiss
Produced by: Allison Hord
Production Designer: Brent Mason
Director of Photography: Elie Smolkin
Sound: Armando Macias
Assistant Director: Nora Resnick
Make-up, Hair & Wardrobe: Jackie Johnson
Film Editor: Andy Fenberg
Grip: Tali Litmanovitz
Music by: Like Me, Like You (Brady Cohan & Ross Garren)
Promotional Stills by: Clay Larsen
Productions Assistants: Robert Chan & Andrew Grissom
Stage Manager: Seth Craven
Wardrobe Provided by: Universal Wardrobe Department
Special Thanks: David Ferguson & The Birthday Boys & Scott Davis & Alison Agosti

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