By: Rachel Bloom

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We Don’t Need a Man – Rachel Bloom and Shaina Taub

Rachel and Shaina just got dumped, so it's time for a GIRL'S NIGHT!

Song available in JANUARY on Rachel ‘s full-length album, “Please Love Me!!! ‘
Starring Rachel Bloom and Shaina Taub
Written by Rachel Bloom, Shaina Taub and Jack Dolgen
Directed by Adam Stein and Colin Campbell
Cinematography by E. Gustavo Petersen
Edited by Greg Burke
Dancers: Tess Paras, Emma Koenig, Rebecca Delgado-Smith and Dominique Toney
DJ Douchebag: Jack Dolgen
Choreographed by Tess Paras
Set Design by Laura Levin
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Olson
Gaffer: Mariscela Mendez
Swing: Mike Kenne
Driver: Logan Wade
Production Assistants: Marni Fruman and Logan Ludwig

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