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(FOD writer/director Lauren‘s mom loves to see movies. This blog contains real reviews. Really from her mom.)

I saw Lincoln. I fell asleep, but I really do think they should get the Academy Award. They probably will because the acting was fantastic, but also, they released it at the end of the year. I always say the movies released at the end of the year win the awards because no one remembers the other ones. You could have acted your heart out in January, but who remembers that. If I was Steven Speilberg, I would say, “Release all my movies at the end of the year!”

The man was wonderful, what's he from? I remember him from Geronimo. He played a very convincing Lincoln. It was like watching him at Disney. I have to give him a lot of credit, because you can't study Lincoln in order to portray him – Lincoln is dead! We think it's a good performance because we have nothing but the Disney Lincoln to compare it to. No one knows if that's how he was in real life.

Supposedly he was very tall. He had gigantic diesease which means he's very long. His arms are long, his legs are long, How did they have him that tall in the movie? Was he wearing very high heels?

Sally Field was wonderful. Her character must have had a zillion psychological problems. She breaks down in the movie – Sally Field is very good at breakdowns. Remember Steel Magnolias?
I almost snuck out to see Breaking Dawn, but I felt bad to leave your father. Who also fell asleep. I don't think you have to see it, but it will win.

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