By: Cat Power

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Kids Songs With Cat Power

Indie music star Cat Power (Chan Marshall) has been known for having break downs on stage. And its no different when the audience is all children.

Starring: Chan Marshall
Featuring: Danielle Schneider
Kids: Avriella Ford, Eva Ford, Sanangel Martinez, Dominic Ruggieri, Sara Torres, Shaylynn O'Connell, Jack Walker, Madison Clevenger, Sofia Soule, Melody Hernandez, Lachlan Spangler, Jonathan Woolsey, Sinead Martin & Peyton Peterson
Writer/Director: Alex Fernie
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
Coordinator: Becca Scheuer
DP: Adam Silver
Editor: Ian Skalski
AC/DIT: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Jason Norman
Grip: Jay Rockwell Seebach
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
MU: Megan Nicoll
Prod Designer: Tricia Robertson
Art Director: Mike Robertson
PA: Ross Buran

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