By: Nick Thune

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Disney XD’s Peanut Butter and Kelly (Holiday Promo)

Teen icon Kelly Bryston Thorbeau and his loveable guinea pig pal, Peanut Butter, are always getting into “sticky” situations — This week: Find out what happens when Kelly gets invited to Scooter's holiday party — and discovers it's a DANCE PARTY! (Disney XD/New Episode)

Starring Johnny Pemberton, Milana Vayntrub, and Peanut Butter as Peanut Butter the Guinea Pig!
Directed by Kevin Flynn
DP Scott Garrison
2nd Camera Chris Klosterman
Production Sound Joe Sloan
Edited by Mike Manasewitsch
Nick ‘s Big Talk Show is written and produced by: Nick Thune, Kevin Flynn, Michael Busch, Chris Klosterman & Kyle Flynn.
“Peanut Butter and Kelly ‘ and “Disney XD ‘ are official trademarks, owned and licensed exclusively by Disney Ltd. No portion of this video may be broadcast, copied, or transferred without the express written consent of the copyright holder, here, Disney Ltd.

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